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What You Should Look For Before Buying a Pocket-Knife

A knife should be part and parcel of the essential things that you do not leave your home without. There are a variety of knives but a knife meant to fit in your pocket is unmistakable because of its appearance. Everyone has their intentions for having a survival knife. Understand the properties of the knife you desire to have so that you do not pick a knife that will not meet your needs.

You should observe the blade and find out the type of metal it is. Blades made from steel are the best because they rarely decompose. It will take longer before your knife wears out because steel does not rust at all. Confirm that the blade is plain steel because some business people sell knives hose blades are other metals have steel coating.

The design of the blade should be of your taste.Some knives have serrated blades while others have sharp blades. A straight blade is easy to sharpen with the use of smooth stone, but a serrated knife needs specific equipment to sharpen.

The length of the blade is also an excellent feature to look at. A knife may be long enough for one person, but shirt to another thus pick the length you are comfortable with.It also depends on how you are going to use the knife.A very long blade can be difficult for you to hold in your palm and to carry in your pocket.

The blade of the knife should be thick enough because the thicker the blade, the stronger it is. A thin blade cannot cut hard objects because it may break.

Every knife has a unique handle depending on the design of the manufacturer. A handle that is hollow to allow you to carry other things in it such as match sticks is not the best. A tang of the knife does not extend fully into the handle because of the hollow in the handle.The tang can easily break off from the handle because of the hollow.Choose a knife whose handle and tang are firm without space that gives room for the two parts to disengage.

The tang should be long enough to go deeper to the base of the handle.A tang that extends fully into the handle makes the knife very strong for activities like chopping wood. If the handle and the tang are not well fitted, the knife will not sustain too much pressure.

When the peak is acute and razor-sharp, be sure that it is an excellent knife. Different knives come with different shapes at the edge. Acute and sharp knives at the tip are the best tools for defense when an animal and fellow human being threatens your life by coming into physical contact with you.The pointed tips are also helpful when you go hunting.

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